The Menace From Earth

by Outer Space Heaters

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released December 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Outer Space Heaters Portland, Oregon

Imagine Earth, somewhat present day. Now imagine our sun, 1 billion years older than the present time. The Red Giant phase will strike without warning and consume Earth, and for generations the collective consciousness has poured into the advancement of interstellar technology that will hurdle humankind off this desolate rock. The Outer Space Heaters is the soundtrack to that effort. ... more

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Track Name: Home
We knew the house we built would never be a home until we
Destroyed it, then killed ourselves
We piled everything that otherwise would turn to dust in
Containment, then jettisoned

See how it burns away?

The story goes that we will rot and decompose inside our
Own caskets, but who says that
The future doesn't let us live forever, youth preserved in
Our helmets, like statues?

See how it burns away?
We will not burn away

We will become a ghost of our previous
We will revert, we will regress
Track Name: Atlas
It's been a long time, Gemi
I was a fool to think you'd never have to leave
To place a beacon in the blackness
Condemned to solitude and loneliness
I never cared about a new hearth
I'd hold you close until the sun bursts

Got nothing but heaven to surround yourself, got nothing at all
This is the chapel where you leave your shell, meant nothing at all
I'll write the words, make you a god to worship
Someone to guide the homesick
A prism among the darkness
I'll speak about you like you never left us
Cause you are always with us

Find us a home now, Gemi
You sail a hundred million miles away from me
Your golden hair becomes a filmy grey
The radiation causing atrophy
Cabin pressure on the backslide
Dissolution on the long ride
You're a martyr, you're the chosen one
A living ghost who we will call upon
Track Name: Interlude
So the autumn calls the leaves to dance
Brittle postcards back to sender
And the forest learns of bitterness
Broken fingers sprawling skywards
So is true what has be come of us
We have lost what you had left with
And I will wait forever longer still
If I only knew I could speak to you

Never wanna wake alone again
It's the silence that drives me mad
Never wanna use my hands again
Calloused fingers combing backward
Never wanna use my heart again
Beating blood trading old for new
Never wanna pray to god again
If he was out there, you would be here
Track Name: 21st Century Physics
I always thought you'd find a way
Beyond this mortal coil you leave
Track Name: The Flight
Dawn your wings for us
Son of Daedelus
Waxen feathers pull
You to your final resting place

Answers will not come
Lest you seek the sun
When you touch back down
I will find you

We had let you go
Into the dark and the cold
15 years alone
But you will wait no more

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